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    Weekly Practice Times

    8-U House                  Monday’s: 6:00 pm & Saturday’s: 10:15 am

    10-U House                Monday’s: 6:45 pm & Wednesday’s: 6:00 pm

    10-U Travel                Wednesday’s: 7:15 pm & Thursday’s: 6:00 pm

    12-U House                Monday’s: 7:15 pm & Thursday’s: 7:15 pm

    12-U Travel                Tuesday’s: 7:00 pm & Thursday’s: 6:00 pm

    14-U Travel                Tuesday’s: 8:15 pm & Wednesday’s: 7:45 pm

    14-U & 18-U House          Monday’s: 8:00 pm & Thursday’s: 8:30 pm

    HS Travel                     Tuesday’s: 5:45, Wednesday’s: 9:00 & Thursday’s: 7:45 pm




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